Category: Riverbank protection

  • Project: River Avon, UK

    Project: River Avon, UK

    Protecting exposed gas pipe on River Avon. As an ecologically sensitive site the use of traditional hard engineered bank protection was not an option and bioengineered designs were favoured. The bags were covered with soil to be able to vegetate them and fully integrate them into the natural bank. In addition, headland would cause erosion […]

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  • Project: River Derwent, Cumbria, UK

    Project: River Derwent, Cumbria, UK

    The site is located on a reach of the River Derwent in Barepot, approximately 0.75 km east of Workington, Cumbria, UK. Following recent major floodings increased erosion of the right bank of the River Derwent had impacted upon various key assets. Detailed bathometric survey undertaken in late 2017, followed by hydraulic modelling of the existing […]

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