Project: Matlock, Derbyshire, UK 

Site location: The site is located in Matlock in Derbyshire UK.

Initial situation pre AquaRockBag® 

After heavy flooding in February 2022 the small historical town Matlock in Derbyshire, UK, had a lot of erosion in residential areas near the river and scour erosion around the historical bridge. 


  • The AquaRockBag® filling and installation process is quick, safe and easy which results in big savings on labour costs. (In this project the bags were pre filled and transported to the site and immediately installed.) 
  • The AquaRockBag® provides unique solutions for temporary support in emergency situations where life and property are on the first place. 
  • AquaRockBags® absorb water energy, preserving natural processes and minimizing the impact on the substrate. 
  • The AquaRockBag® in this case due to the high performance will remain 18 months.