Project: Rennesoy Island, Norway 

Site location: The site is located on Rennesoy Island Norway back up port Hanasand for ferries.

Situation before renovation

Port Hanasand on island Rennesoy Norway is used as back up for the main ferry port Mortavika near Stavanger. As the port needed to be profoundly rebuilt and capacity increased, stone barriers were used to protect the site from the strong waves in this part of the island, but this was not enough, and an additional quick solution was needed to reinforce the protection. 


  • The AquaRockBag® filling and installation process is quick, safe and easy which results in big savings on labour costs. (In this project the bags were filled on the port yard and immediately installed.) 
  • AquaRockBags® absorb water energy, preserves natural processes and minimizes the impact on the substrate. 
  • The AquaRockBag® in this case due the high performance will remain as permanent protection. 

Project video after installation