Project: Darłowo, Poland

Site location: The site is located on the seashore area, east of the Port of Darłowo, Poland.

Situation before renovation

The shore protection system includes a group of 53 Groynes with an average length of approx. 110 m. 39 are „I” type, while the remaining 14 are „T” type. The existing wooden Groynes have suffered a lot of damage and needed urgent repair. The damage generated disturbances of the water currents in the coastal zone, reducing sedimentation capacity. Taking into account the rapid progress of erosion of the seashore in the area, further unfavorable changes in the coastal zone and position of the coastline could not be excluded.

Additionally, groundwater levels have an impact on shaping the structure of bank fortifications. The amplitude of extreme states is 266 cm. The average condition for the port of Darłowo is 507 cm. The highest states of the sea were observed in the autumn-winter months (November to January), most often in November. The lowest states of the sea currently occur in the winter months (February to March), most often in March.


  • The AquaRockBag® filling and installation process is quick, safe and easy which results in big savings on labour costs (in this project the bags were filled on the warehouse yard and transported to the site, ready for easy installation)
  • The ARB® provides substratum for numerous faunal and invertebrate species which gives ecological benefit
  • AquaRockBags® absorb water energy, preserving natural processes and minimizing the impact on the substrate