Project: Fraser Coast, Queensland, Australia 

Site location: In early 2020 Australia adopted a national approach to coastal degradation aptly called the Coastal Hazards Adaptation Strategy. AquaRock Bags are playing their part in the protection of these precious coastal frontages. One such case was the adoption of AquaRock Bags on the Fraser Coast, Queensland, Australia. 


  • The AquaRockBag® filling and installation process is quick, safe and easy which results in big savings on labour costs. (In this project the bags were filled on the port yard and immediately installed.) 
  • The AquaRockBag® provides substratum for numerous faunal and invertebrate species which gives ecological benefit. 
  • AquaRockBags® absorb water energy, preserving natural processes and minimizing the impact on the coast 
  • The AquaRockBag® in this case due the high performance will remain as permanent protection