Number of nets per pallet - sea transport 60 nets / pallet 48 nets/ pallet 8 nets/ pallet
Number of nets per pallet - air transport 60 nets / pallet 36 nets/ pallet 6 nets/ pallet
How do you install the AquaRockBags®? For a visual illustration please refer to our Filling and Installation videos.
Dimensions of the AquaRockBag®

Diameter: 1.97m 
Height: 0.65m 
Volume: 1.25m³

Diameter: 2.20m 
Height: 0.85m 
Volume: 2.50m³
Diameter: 3.85m 
Height: 1.00m
Volume: 5.00m³
Weight of the nets incl. ring (before filling)  6.5 kg  14 kg  54 kg
Dimensions of the filling jig 120cm x 120cm x 90cm 150cm x 150cm x 120cm Not specified
Mesh sizes 25mm 25mm 50mm
Stone sizes to be used >50mm >50mm >100mm
Type of stone to be used Stones should be angular to get interlock. However, they should not be (too) sharp to protect the netting.
Which currents does a single bag withstand in saline water?  Up to 3.3 m/s Up to 3.4 m/s Up to 4.0 m/s